Pissing on my feet

Last night as I was walking around, I passed an alley. I stopped, without thinking, and looked down it. My mind came alive with images of sex, of me, and a guy I didn’t know. Our eyes had locked as we passed on the street. I stopped and looked back, he was staring at me, that alley was only a few steps away, I turned and started walking into it. I could hear him following me, catching up to me, then grabbing my arm…

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I’ve been walking the streets of Philadelphia, with each step another piece of my past comes up to greet me. It feels comfortable, this place knows me, this place is inviting me back. I’m not sure I can accept the invitation. I’m not sure that I want to. It’s the only place I’ve ever lived that has felt like home. Twenty four years in California has never felt like home, it’s just a place I live. Part of me wants to come back here forever, and maybe I will, but that’s not a decision I can make now.

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Zoetrope bottom disc - c. 1870


Zoetrope bottom disc - c. 1870

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Vladimir Martynov - Spaces of latent utterance (2012)

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Леонид Фёдоров - Пусть (Анабэна)

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Sourdeline - La reine blanche - 1976

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Feathers - Ibex Horn - 2004

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Third Ear Band - Eternity in D (1971)

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Circulus - Scarecrow

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Vashti Bunyan - Against the Sky - Turning Backs

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Kaleidoscope - Keep Your Mind Open (1967)

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"A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves."
Bertrand de Jouvenel (1903-1987)
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…by any standard she was a desirable woman, and she knew that. She knew it from what she had seen in the eyes of certain men, to which from time to time she had felt something like an echo in herself…

Part of her desirability was her look of knowing more than she was saying, and of being amused by the difference. That, and the utter frankness of her presence. There was in her, even in old age, a declarative force of being that was unhesitating and without disguise.

Wendell Berry, A Desirable Woman
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Punks attending the 2nd Mont de Marsan punk festival, held in an ancient bullfight arena in the town of Mont de Marsan, France, in 1977, featuring bands such as The Clash, The Damned, Police, Jam, Eddie & The Hot Rods and Dr Feelgood.

(photos 1,9 © Jean Gaumy/Magnum Photos, photos 2-8 © Thierry Olmos)

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I was at a party today, took a why before I could understand what folks were saying because the local accent was so thick. I kept listening to the accent and not the words. The Philadelphia accent is very distinctive, heavy, the words don’t roll off the tongue they are tossed out, with so much force that they get mixed up together. I recognized many of my own speech patterns. It made me happy because I was with my people.

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